Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas cards

We didn't want to pay someone to take our Christmas card pictures this year, especially since I knew neither little daughter would cooperate! I had to be creative to think of something where I didn't need to rely on a two-year-old or a newborn to cooperate! We don't have a tripod, so I set the camera to 'timer' and put in on the backyard BBQ. I used an idea I saw of an engagement picture where the couple held Polaroid photos of themselves. It turned out nicely! :)

Then I designed the card in Photoshop and had it printed through Costco.

What do you guys do for Christmas cards?


  1. What a cute idea! Love your card:)

  2. Absolutely fabulous!

  3. Such an adorable card! This year I was 3 years behind in sending something out. o.O I had a picture from 2008, nothing from 2009 and a photo card from 2010. I had good intentions! Because of time, finances and attitudes ;) I also opted out of photos this year and did a quick edit of a picture I took with the kids in front of the tree. Not the best but it got the job done. Maybe this year we'll do another picture.

  4. I'm totally with you on how you do your Christmas Cards. I usually take the photo myself, but this year at my husband's summer work party they had a photographer there. Then I design something in photoshop and print them at Costco. You can see ours here...

  5. I don't do anything because I'm not clever like you. My husband is a graphic artist - I need to get him to create something! I LOVE this idea and it looks just beautiful. I'll have to figure out how to get our 5 grandchildren somehow included in there (they all live out of state) - because that's who everyone REALLY wants to see!

  6. Couldn't be more charming. Great idea.